Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dedicated to Giving a Baby an Amazing and Loving Home

This Blog has been created by friends of Bonnie and Scott Carter. We are dedicated to helping them raise the funds needed to bring a baby into their loving home soon! Our hope is that we can help them begin the family that they have wanted and worked towards for so long.

How the Blog was * Born *...

My name is Michelle and I have been friends with Bonnie for 5 years. A few nights ago my aunt, Kathy Jo Peterson called to ask how Bonnie and Scott were doing. She has met them several times and apparently something about this couple touched her. We have known of their struggles in trying to adopt a child. She wanted to find a way to help them earn the money needed to complete the paperwork with LDS Social services and finalize what is needed so they can bring a baby into their home. After brainstorming for a few minutes the idea of this blog was born.Bonnie and Scott had no idea that we were going to put this together.They are such an amazing couple, who have done so much to help others, we arehoping this blog will help give them the one and only thing that is most important to them in their lives; a baby.

A little about Bonnie:

Bonnie has an amazing spirit of optimism and the ability to make every situation into the most positive, joyful and exciting experience it could be. I have never heard Bonnie speak badly of any other person, even if she had reason to. She has taught me to always try to understand the other person’s perspective, and to empathize with them instead of judging them. Bonnie is a wonderful listener; it’s always more about the other person than her. She is a true friend to everyone she meets, and gives everything she has to help others in need. Bonnie is a genuine and happy person. She is kind, thoughtful, caring, and absolutely adores children. Those who know her, even if they have just met her, can tell what a wonderful mother she will be. She is thirty-five years old (sorry, Bonnie!) and is most anxious to begin the journey.

A little about Scott:

Scott is one of the most charismatic and articulate people I know. His knowledge of history, sports, or any other subject is incredible. He can read a book and know every detail, front to back. He is a very hard worker, and takes his obligations seriously. He will be graduating one of the top of his class in the near future. His plans are to provide for his family so Bonnie can be the stay at home mom she has always wanted to be.
Scott somehow manages to do many things well and still make quality and quantity time for his wife and family. He is an adoring husband and will be an incredibly loving and devoted father.

About Bonnie and Scott:

They were married in South Jordan, Utah, and from the beginning have desperately wanted a family. They are deeply in love and their love has given them the strength to pursue the long, rigorous, and often heartbreaking journey of finding the baby that is meant for them.

They are aware of each other’s needs and serve one another lovingly. They extend that same caring to friends, family and community. They both love life, and live it to the fullest. They make a sincere effort to keep their love strong and create new exciting memories.

They have tried for years to conceive children on their own, but are unable to do so. They have also done their best to earn the money to pay for the adoption fees. Even though they have had many obstacles they have never given up .

They are currently living in Aliso Viejo, CA.

Would you like to help ?

Four Things You can do to Help, you can do none, one or all.

1. Donations: Bonnie and Scott need to raise an additional $6,000 dollars to be able to fulfill the fee obligation. They have saved money, but this is the remainder of what is needed to start the process. Any amount will help no matter how big or small.

2.Baby: If anyone knows of someone looking for an adoptive parent for their unborn child, we hope you will contact them. Perhaps the baby is meant to be with this wonderful couple.

3.Spread the word: Simply send this blog to all, or a few, of your friends & family. Spreading the word will help. You can also post this blog on your own blogs, facebook, or whatever else you think would help get the notice out. Thank you!

4. Pray: Say a little prayer for them, that their baby will find it’s way to them sometime soon.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read their story, hopefully this blog will turn from portraitsof Bonnie and Scott, into portraits of a beautiful baby!

Check back to see the progress, additional stories and photos.

Send a check in any amount, write a note with it as to who the check is from, and state in the note whether you would like to be listed on the blog, or remain anonymous.
*If possible, please email Kathy Jo @, to let her know that a check has been sent.

Make the check out to : THE CARTER BABY FUND
Please send checks to :
27142 Hidden Trail Rd
Laguna Hills, CA 92653
Thank you so much again for you time and help!!

List of Loving Contributors....
Kathy Jo Peterson $500.00
Anonymous $1000.00
Bruce and Susan Nuttall $50.00
Kathy Shumway $50.00
Roseanne Schwary $200.00

Thank you for your love and support!!!
This was Bonnie and Scott's engagement portrait...

I think this portrait says alot about them.. Let's help bring a baby into this fun and happy home!

Questions or concerns, please contact us as:
Kathy Jo Peterson -
Michelle Nguyen -